Unique free roams like fh1

I don’t know if many here know how online worked in Forza Horizon 1, but you could see a list of different lobbies hosted by other players, which could be races, different game modes, and even free roams, and that’s the point I’ll talk about

It would be very interesting to have the option to have free roam lobbies separate from the main one, in which you could define different things such as:
-Titles for the lobby
-Public or private
-Ghost mode on or off
-With or without radars, speed areas, drift areas, etc.
-Traffic on or off
Among other things that I can barely imagine

This would help many different types of players, and even content creators

I think it’s difficult for this to happen one day, since I’ve never seen anyone discussing something like that, but if it reaches the devs, who knows, maybe one day