Unicorns as DLC?

I think it has been over a year since unicorns have been available. I think FH will go end of life (EOL) this year. It appears that Forza games go EOL after 4 years.

I joined the game a little too late to get the unicorns. I was hoping Turn 10 might release a DLC with the unicorns. I don’t see the harm in this and Turn 10 could make money selling them. I doubt if they will do it but it is worth asking. The people that have the unicorns have had exclusive access to them for over a year. Most of these people have probably moved on to FH2. I don’t see why people who joined the game late shouldn’t have access to the cars even if they have to pay for them.

Does anyone else want to see a unicorn DLC?

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So you want people to pay for data that is already on the game disc/download? While I hate that there are cars that people can’t get, paying for something already in the game is going to cause … problems. They should just unlock them prior to the game going EOL - that way everyone can get them and don’t have to pay again.

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I agree with you about just unlocking them but Turn 10 isn’t going to do that. I’d being willing to pay for the cars just like any other DLC.

It seems that you were, right Horizon is now in it´s EOL…
They should put the unicorns and the limited edition livery (including the Rockstar and the Pizza hut) cars in a new DLC.