Unfairly booted from playground games twice and blocked?

im fairly certain that there are players getting me kicked off because they cant best me in playground games!! i just got kicked out of 2 games in a row and now im blocked out of online multiplayer??? the hell!!! why does no one actually verify the complaints??? it shouldnt be my problem because they are losing to me big time. this is bull!!! UNBLOCK ME!!! and deal with the false accusations wich im sure are the from same person!! thet need to accept that they cant win and live with it!!!

my V dub bus beat thier jags boo hoo!!! its not a violation when it is an available option to use!!!

Other players can’t kick you from a lobby. Involuntary disconnect is probably due to froggy PG servers, or network issue on your end perhaps…but not because you were kicked/booted/banned by others for whatever reason.


Most players dont really care if they cant “beat” other players in playground games lol. And if they did, there is no way to kick anyone from playground games.
Maybe you lag so much that the server auto kicks you? and thats why you think you are way better than the other players? lol…

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I love this guy’s hysterical rants lol


LOLol omg. Based on this rant I thought the VW bus was meta. Ohhhh no. I was lucky we had a good team. It appeared the meta car was a teammates Peel. I tried following him in King so I could grab his crown when he slowed down, I still couldn’t catch him.

Everyone else on my team had Jags, the other team had more variety, and that Peel was obviously more maneuverable and quicker than any other car on the field. In defend the flag it was zapping around like a cursor on a desktop.

He’s probably referring to the VW Type II FE, which has terrific handling and would probably outperform the Jaguars at the quarry as long as it doesn’t need to go into the pool. The FE might also explain his comment about it’s use not being a violation (though not his thinking if that were the case). Just an educated guess.

You’re right about the Peel; it’s terribly overpowered speed and maneuverability usually cannot be matched (in most situations, but not all), largely ruining much of C600 and D500.

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They crashed my game to the desktop at the beginning of the fourth round. I was even on the losing team. What gives?

There’s some kind of glitch going on in the game. The first time I started it yesterday my game froze in the screen where it shows me and my car before the first round even started.

It’s not the first time the game has frozen and crashed. But I figured since we are blaming misfortune on other players now, I should get in on the action.


One glitch proved advantageous earlier this afternoon when I was bounced straight away into a round 5 of 5 event at the Quarry with 5 other red players and just 2 on the blue team.
This final fifth round was the flaggy one and the two remaining blue players had abandoned all hope (for whatever reason ?!) and the six of us just needed 2 flags for a win.
All over in less than 30 seconds and I levelled up to League 16 from zero in just one short event.

Shame it can’t always be that easy. :o)

I joined a Forzathon Live event a few minutes early and they started the first round, then announced congratulations and sent us to the second round. We only had to do 2 rounds and got 60 points. And there was a bunch of us, we did the two rounds in a couple of minutes.

It’s like the game is getting confused now if there’s a lot of players in the lobby.

Played the PGG with no issues. I used the Peel Trident and whilst it’s good for survival and scoring flags it comes at a big compromise on this terrrain and can get awful wild very quick!

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