There is something I’m not quite understanding. Why do T10 developers get to participate in these championships? They created the game! They all know how to cut all the corners without getting penalized and nobody can beat their lap times. It pissed me off when a T10 developer won that Focus RS because it’s not fair. They know the game inside and out. They shouldn’t be allowed to compete in this. You made the game for the consumer, not so you can beat everyone at your own game… I guarantee Laige or some other developer is gonna win that 150k in the season 2 finals… just you watch… [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D]…you guys are losers…let the consumers win something instead of taking everything. Rant over.

Laige isn’t a developer?

No, Laige is not a dev. He may have the T10 emblem though.

Why does Laige have a T10 emblem? I’d assume it is because he has some association with T10 other than owning the game. Normally contests put on by companies prohibit employees of the company from entering the contest. Laige having a T10 emblem looks bad. However, not knowing how and why Laige has the logo, I can’t say for certain anything nefarious is going on. It just looks bad.

I enter the championships for the fun of it. I know I’m not going to win. I don’t have the talent or the time. If someone with a T10 logo wins, it doesn’t affect me. I’m just saying the optics aren’t good when someone with a T10 logo wins.

I’d assume he was one of the Race Marshalls.


Laige is a Turn 10 Marshall, that just means that he is appointed to help clean up the online hoppers. It has nothing to do with his skill, nor did he take any part of developing the game. Also, none of the qualifying tracks (Catalunya, Brands Hatch, Road Atlanta) had any sort of cuts to exploit whatsoever. Qualification is based on driver skill, nothing more.


Let me start by saying that I don’t think there is anything bad going on. I’m playing more of a devil’s advocate here.

I did not know that Laige is a race marshal. How many other people don’t know this? As a race marshal could he be considered an employee of Turn 10? I’m pretty sure he isn’t being paid. However, could he be considered a volunteer working for the company? Having the Turn 10 emblem seems to indicate Turn 10 recognizes he has some significant relationship with the company. Does he have access to information about the game that could help him in racing because of this relationship? Personally I highly doubt it but the argument could be made that he does.

Those of us who follow the forums I’m sure would not suspect any cheating is going on here. The problem is with the players that don’t visit the forums. They see someone with a Turn 10 emblem winning tournaments with prizes. They would not know about the race marshals. They would just see a Turn 10 employee winning prizes. They could wonder why they should even enter any tournament if Turn 10 employees are just going to win anyway.

Again let me say I don’t believe anything bad is going on. That is because I keep up with the forums. Anyone that is seriously competitive for the prizes probably does keep up with the forums and knows about the race marshals. The problem is with the more casual racer that is thinking about getting into the championships. If he sees people that he thinks are Turn 10 employees winning that may turn him off.

Again, I’m playing devil’s advocate. I’m just trying to point out the conclusions some people may draw from seeing the Turn 10 emblem like the original poster did.

no developers were in the RC championship

Wow, just wow.

Complaining may have reached an all time low with this thread.


Marshall program is a complete failure
I have been saying from day 1 that all marshalls should have been made public from the start

The op has made a very valid point and has shown how things can be so easily misunderstood. Well done

LMAO. For one that’s a forum member since 2012, the OP’s ignorance is a bad excuse. If one is unfamiliar with how things works though , surely you don’t just come to a forum and just start attacking without getting to know some facts.

  1. Laige is not a developer

  2. Laige and quite a few of the top guys were allowed to be marshals. They got to use the emblem in an effort to show that T10 was monitoring the lobbies.

  3. If he was running cutting lines, how come none of this was to be seen in the races? The races were live streamed. If he was only fast from cutting then when he ran clean lines most of the field should have passed him, right?

  4. God gave you a brain. It’s sad that you have ignored it, but I would sincerely recommend you use it. There’s a thing called logic that your brain should be able to reason through.

Please reread your post and comment back if you need further assistance in this manner. We as a loving community will be glad to point you through your troubled state.

Take care and may the force be with you young padawan.

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Absurd. That is the only word I have for it. I could give a rats blank if a dev or marshall or employee or God himself raced. You better have the skill to race, BECAUSE that is what it takes. Nothing more and nothing less. Even if you developed the game, you better know how to race.

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