Unfair Drag Racing?

Last night a couple of friends and I decided to all do a drag race in a tune of mine which does a wheelie on launch. We did it in a private lobby. When the race started we all got ready and when we launched, our 4 cars all which had the same tune. It appeared the car farthest to the left always got a better launch with the car on the far right got the worst launch. This kept my friends who used my tune, who kept ending up on the right side unable to launch the car fast enough to pick the front end up. I’m not sure if anyone else is having this issue but wanted to post this to raise awareness

There does seem to be a slight difference between the lanes. This is a pretty minor issue with drag racing in FM6 though. There are much bigger problems they should be addressing first.

Freeplay and splitscreen drag (there is none)
Leaderboards (there are none, anywhere)
Working tree (false starts should be possible)
Sonoma and Hockenheim have zero traction.

The slight difference in traction between lanes is fairly trivial compared to the above.

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