Under Review...First Time

I befriended someone and he gifted me many cars and vinyls some of which I had no need for, mostly the cars, so I decided to sell them. Now everything in my Auction House and Storefront is “Under Review.” I decided to search the forums and, unbeknownst to me, found out that I could get banned for not getting the original artists permission to sell. I may be jumping the gun but this is the only reason I could see that all my content would be under review because usually what I sell are my own original designs. Now had I known I needed permission, even on gifted items, I would’ve asked beforehand or not tried to sell at all. If I am banned, how long should I expect the ban to be? This is my first offense.

Gamer Tag: Wayne JxRx

Items are Under Review when Turn 10 has them for examination of possible violations of the Xbox LIVE Code of Conduct, such as attempting to sell creations for which you don’t have authorization of the original artist.

First time bans are 7 days (148) hours from the time Turn 10 institutes them.