Under-representation of circuit layouts online (with data)

Hi everyone.

I do a lot of Multiplayer racing, usually in Leagues or the B/600 Hoppers. While competing in events this week I noticed that certain tracks were appearing more often than others, and when I did a Rivals run I noticed some circuits had very few laptimes at all. I brought this up to Mechberg in yesterday’s #ForzaFriday Twitch broadcast and he suggested I post a thread, so here it is.

Instead of providing anecdotal evidence I felt it would be best if I did some research and provided some hard data. What you see below a list of participant numbers on every circuit in the game, at B/600. I chose the B Class because it’s in the middle of the PI range and the Hoppers usually have 16+ racers in them.

Without further ado here are my findings (conclusions in next post). Please note that the most popular circuits also appear in Career Mode, hence their very high numbers.

Raw data in text format.



Top Gear (all layouts) is vastly under-represented.
Yas Marina (most variants) is under-represented.
Le Mans (all non-Bugatti layouts) is under-represented.
Sebring (all “non-Full” layouts) is under-represented.

Hopefully this data brings up some good insight for Turn 10 and some of the under-represented tracks get fed into the Multiplayer rotation a bit more often.


Thank god. That track is just the worst.

I remember in the first few weeks it felt like every third race was Yas Marina. I like the track but I don’t miss it much in multiplayer.

Yes, but I think that is a result of the specific track length (may be the same for the other underrepresented tracks as well). The algorithm that selects the tracks seems to prefer a certain race length, if that isn’t possible a certain lap limit that comes closes to the preferred race length. So if two laps Le Mans are under the limit and three laps are over the limit the game will prefer other tracks.

Another track I don’t miss. But Laguna Seca should be dialed back.

Hmm, never experienced that. I never got two layouts of the same track in the vote.

Thank you for taking the time to put this together I often wonder about the stats behind things

Which might also explain why I still haven’t completed my world traveller ach
As I’m on 96% and with it set the way it is may be a while before I complete it

In the class hoppers, 24h Le Mans and Tops Gear tracks are never seen. Some track are much more common than others. A simple roatation without a vote system would create more variety and take less time between races. Like leagues.

Nurburg definitely pops up. I’ve seen Le Mans once or twice, but it’s never won the vote, lol.

What class are you racing in? Nurburg would take an eternity in the lower classes and is probably omitted.

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As amusing as it can be, the top gear track doesn’t really work for races. I don’t play multiplayer though so maybe the races aren’t longer enough for it to turn into a problem, but it seems like intentional wrecking would be high on that track as well.

Also I don’t use it often but something else to check in is the next race option in free play. I don’t use it because A: it doesn’t keep the lap numbers you’ve chosen, and B: it doesn’t seem to pull up all the tracks and some seem to come up more than others. I’ve never seen it choose the ring for example. I’m not sure how much this feature is used, but it may also be influencing things.

Edit: also yas marina seems to be suggested like every other race in the next race option, maybe people skip it, or nobody uses free play.

You are so right about Top Gear tracks not working for races. Especially Top Gear Full. In every race I have been in, on Top Gear Full, the cheaters knock all the cones away and make their own track. Almost every race someone intentionally knows the tire barriers down in every corner and created a mess. It should be used for drifting and those playground events like bowling and auto cross. Of course this is just my opinion. I’m sure there are people who love the Top Gear tracks.

I’m in the same position. A race on Old Mulsanne may do it. But will we ever see that circuit featured??!!!

For me I went and played a game of tag on the Airfield and it unlocked World Traveller after it had been sitting at 96% forever.


One thing I think is strange is the Yas Marina data because when I play leagues or multiplayer that environment shows up all the time.

Thank you for doing this.


VW type2 on nordschleife (without GP) is 14 minutes, and that’s E100PI, Sure it is much more than your average S class car, but it really isn’t eternity.

I get the same with you, I always get Yas Marina and it gets quite annoying haha

Part of me thinks that the reason Yas Marina is so under represented is due to the fact that someone can easily cut a couple of seconds off their time by cutting the corners. It’s almost impossible to race a clean lap and finish near the top. The same applies to Lemans with the Bugatti Circuit.

Since the number of people that play in hoppers is so small compared to single player, and they overlap a lot, the corelation between leaderboard entries and hopper representation is rather weak. If Laguna Seca weren’t in the hoppers at all it would still have 200k entries and if an excluded track were to be put in, it might pick up a few thousand at best.

Should all tracks be given a shot in hopper rotations? Sure, you just won’t see much change in overall #'s on the leaderboard.

I agree, and I love The Ring (Green Hell). Back in my early days of Forza, I absolutely hated it, but as I learned to tune for tracks and drive smarter/smoother, It grew on me.

I have raced on nordschleife a handful of times in the one week I have been able to play online, I race s class and see it at least once a day

Gamers of this generation don’t have the attention span to do a lap on the Nordschliefe


You say that yet it’s the most popular circuit in Gran Turismo 6’s Public Lobbies. “Ring Lobbies”, where you repeatedly do 1 lap races of the Nordschleife, are quite common.


I am offended that you said… What did you say again?