unban NOX albapros

Why ban a guy that talks the treu story

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Because he broke the forum rules multiple times. Posting about it repeatedly won’t fix the issue. He needs to PM a mod, email T10, and wait until it gets taken care of.


Good luck trying mate… 'cause this pointless thread is really going to change that.


People complaining about consequences for “speaking the truth” (which is usually just ridiculous, illogical ranting) always gives me a good laugh.

Truth in your opinion maybe.

It was posted in plain site that continuing to post name and shame items i.e. names and/or pictures would earn a ban. He then turns around and makes a post. So the truth the way I see it is not following the rules will earn you time off.

Now I suggest that if any others have a question about a ban or a moderation decision you send a private message (on these forums) to a member of the moderation team.

Continuing to make pointless threads will simply earn you a trip on the moderator express with final stops in ban town.