Unable to Load Free Play

Fairly straight forward, the game has finally corrupted my save after crashing so often. Tested reinstalling (twice, once with 4k assets, once without) and resetting Xbox to no avail.

What did work was using a second profile on the same Xbox and that has solved the issue. However, I would like free play on my (already played on) profile.

Can this be achieved with a patch? I’d rather not wipe all my progress just to resolve an issue the game brought about.

Edit: I can leave the game running for over an hour after attempting to launch free play without the “Go To Race” or “Test Drive” buttons activating.

Is there more info you all want?

Seriously nobody else has encountered this? I find that impossible.

Alright, I don’t believe this is an issue that can be fixed with a patch.

@turn10 what about all my cars? I’ve reached a glitch-free garage level 13 and would like to keep the dozen or so legendary cars I’ve collected.

Looks like I get to wipe what little progress I got to make before the game was rendered unplayable. Great job guys, totally a perfect first month for your launch. 10/10 would watch this go down again.

This problem may be spreading see other post about Freeplay not loading or just do a search for my Game tag Alan J T for my posts in in support. I have this problem as well as some others.

Yeah, wiped my save since it wasn’t too far. Good to note is that I received the FE cars for VIP but not the credits.

I only had about a dozen races left to do Driver level 290 and Collection Tier 40 all Specialty dealer cars all showcase cars all FE cars for completing the tropheys as well as several levelup cars at least 2 to more of each for sale at auction when ever it opens up. so save going buy buy not something I would like to see with over 10,000,000 in credits and 630 odd cars