Unable to join session

I am constantly being kicked offline. Is there some way I can actually connect at all? This is happening all of the time.

Network Diagnostics

Last night while I was watching the football I tried to get into a team adventure. I completed one in two hours, the rest of the time was spent trying to find a session, getting kicked out after one or two races, random error messages, bans, reloading the game, buying the Lake Lodge again, etc. A complete shambles.

The second half of the football was ok though.

Please submit a ticket here and attach your Network Diagnostics so the team can look into this further.


“Submit a ticket here” - the magical solution to all this game’s problems.

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The ticket system helps us track how frequently issues are occurring alongside getting specific account information which we need that might no necessarily be something you would like to post publicly on a forum.

As well as being directed to the relevant team member, you can also attach screenshots, videos and documents to the tickets.

Ok, but we seem to be stuck in a loop. People are basically reporting the same issues as they did in the first month. As far as I can tell not much has really changed with the servers or the multiplayer, three months later. The game’s still full of bugs which you don’t seem to be able to fix or just ignore. People submit tickets, nothing gets solved, they complain on here, and your solution is to tell everyone to submit more tickets.


In relation to multiplayer, this was mentioned in a previous stream and also will be mentioned in tonights stream

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