“Unable to allocate a game server”?

Trying to do the trial, after hitting X to join matchmaking, it sits for a few minutes then gives me ‘Unable to allocate a game server’

Anyone else?

Yup and they reported an outtage on Twitter. Forza 7 as well.

Yup and 2 friends reported the same. Forza 7 also multiplayer is down.

Apparently matchmaking is down (it’ on their Twitter account it seems (friend just let me know as I don’t watch Twitter))


I cannot connect to the online mode at all and have had major issues for two days in a row.

Same here “Unable to join game session”. Im wondering, are we the only ones with this “problem”? several hours since it started.

Still unable to connect to or join with any multiplayer game mode. Unlike the others who’ve posted, however, I do not get the “Unable to join game session” meassage; in fact, I get no message whatsoever. After the lobby search is initiated, it seems I just get quietly dumped with out any sort of notification.

It’s as if the tiny little men inside the game who facilitate and manage multplayer lobby functions simply decide to table or dump any lobby request I make and instead head on out for another lunch break. :man_shrugging:t2:

Yeah I can’t connect today either. It says session found but can’t connect. I know there were problems 2 days ago and I couldn’t play online. Yesterday however was fine.