Ultimate Track Toys on Sebring not getting gold for second place.

I have tried all the tunes from the great tuners on F5. I have a friend that I cannot beat no matter what.

Here is the setup:

Ultimate track Toys
Sebring Club Ciruit
Multi-class race
Drivatars on easy
Able to finish 2nd consistently but I am not awarded a Gold trophy like I am on other tracks

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

The reason you don’t get gold for 2nd is that it is multi class race. Only half the cars on your class so you do have to win it. But try getting Stella stigs tune for the Ariel atom its awsome and can be found in the tuning section of these forums,

That is the one I am running now. I have used a few of those tunes and I agree, they are awesome.

Did you complete it? I can tell you a little trick if you haven’t.