Ultimate ed. question

So i purchased forza 6 ultimate ed. And i see that it comes with the pre order, duracell, and alpine stars packs for a total of 14 cars for horizon 2. I have already purchased these packs for horizon 2 as im sure 1000’s of others have. Which brings me to ask are yall going to refund the packs for us or give us discounts on further items? Its jacked up yall charged 5 for each of those packs just to turn around and give them to us again. Give us stuff we can use not packs weve already bought.



So doing my reading here, I am assuming if we get the hardware F6 Bundle we didn’t get the Ultimate Edition copy? Thats my take away and I am kinda bummed. :frowning: I purchased mine from MS directly as I wanted an additional LE controller (for my son) and the Special Livery Mustang (I am a Ford boy).

Am I correct in my understandings?

The FH2 packs are merely a free bonus, they don’t add to the total price of the Ultimate.