Ultimate content not shared?

So I purchased this game for myself and my partner to enjoy. But mostly as a gift. But only one has access to all the free cars. Both our profiles on the one machine are set to family. I have paid $151 au for this game. Why is the content not shared on profiles when it’s the same machine? Can I transfer the free content to a second profile as it was bought for my partner but purchased on my profile.

Or is there customer support I can contact?

in fact the content is shared otherwise they wouldnt have access to the cars to begin with…only the actual profile that owns the DLC gets them free in game…they arent paying real money for them, its in game credits which are easy to earn to begin with
this was the same with Horizon 2 and Forza 5… game sharing only gives you access to paid ( REAL MONEY) DLC for free…not in the game itself

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Actually no I don’t have access at all on my profile. It says dlc on the cars when I go to pick them and then opens up a purchase option for real money. But on the profile the game was bought on has them all free.

are you on the same xbox? have you made both accounts part of the same “family”? Xbox Support

if you still want to talk to someone there are links for “chat with a volunteer from the community” and “contact us” at the bottom of that page.

What he is saying is accurate. Its the same on my console. It my be because the extra content is still dlc only and can not be purchased separately. I purchased ultimate, everything installed properly, i have access to all my content, but on my friend’s login on the same Xbox One the content is there but, marked dlc only and can not be bought in game. So basically she can see the cars in the store but, can not purchase them. We discovered this when she saw me driving the GT350R and went to purchase one and could not.

I just checked on my boyfriends gamertag, and through it we can access all the ultimate edition content. Including all associated DLC.

Please clarify access. On our XBox One she can see all the bonus content. In the Forza store that says “Find A Car” all the extra content vehicles are there but are marked dlc in small blue letters. If she attempts to buy a car a marketplace error message pops up that says its exclusive content that can not be purchased at this time for the team forza vehicles The VIP and fast and furious vehicles trigger a pop up window with purchase options. I clicked it for the heck of it and it says she already owns it. I checked the install files in her my games and apps and the FnF pack and VIP both show as queued. Maybe that is why.

Wether or not it was purchased on one account or not. It’s on the one xbox. How is it any different from buying a physical copy of a disc and having full access in one household. I got the ultimate edition for us both to share yet only one has access to all cars.

Is the console set as home console for you as well as your partners
Thats the only way to share content both ways
Not sure if thats the issue but by setting home console with both profiles should get it to share both ways

Yes. She has everything I have access to in FH2 FM5 and all the other games we play. Something went wrong somewhere with FM6.

Just tried xbox support they couldn’t help. Said I’d need to contact game developers