Ultimate content not shared? [see post #4]

So I purchased this game for myself and my partner to enjoy. But mostly as a gift. But only one has access to all the free cars. Both our profiles on the one machine are set to family. I have paid $151 au for this game. Why is the content not shared on profiles when it’s the same machine? Can I transfer the free content to a second profile as it was bought for my partner but purchased on my profile.


Any info on this? We got the ultimate edition too and only my brother has all the cars and I don’t !:frowning:

Same issue - except I bought the Ultimate version on wrong account…so now the Gamer Tag I actually use/play with doesn’t have any of the content I shelled out for, it’s stuck on my other.

Can someone please advise? On Forza 5 and any DLC content went to multiple accounts on same console.

My girlfriend redeemed the codes on the wrong account so I’m in the same boat.

I’ve tried contacting turn 10 to see if I could get it fixed.
How is there not a number or any way to talk to a representative?

Unfortunately there is no free solution for this, based on everything I’ve found, since it’s on both Microsoft’s and T10’s end. It sucks.

The only option is to pay an additional $19.99 for the VIP the account you play with most often - or run in circles with live chat.

You have to buy the second VIP pass on the Xbox.com website, not through the console. The console thinks it’s installed when buying through the console (because it is, for the other account).

Forza (and other Xbox games?) seems to treat DLC on a shared console like the family car: Anybody can borrow the keys to use it, but the DMV registration is always in one person’s name. The DLC asset can be used by shared accounts without multiple purchases, but the DLC benefits are only available to the account that purchased the DLC. Sharing ability may be affected by whether the owner/shared account is the one set to “This is my home console” so experiment with that. Contact Xbox Support about license transfer. See:

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I also have ultimate version. I have my console set as my home. My son cannot access what my packs gave me. But when we have tried to purchase the packs vip etc for his gametag, it already says these packs, ViP, car pass etc are already installed on his name. So he isn’t able to gain access to anything even if we want to pay the extra for him.