Ultima GTR Glitch Wont Install Twin Turbo

So I purchased a ultima gtr when i heard that it was the new fastest car in the game and put a tune on it and then took off the tune and decided to make own tune, but the problem is i cant install the twin turbo. It says i own twin turbo but every time i click it nothing happens. Plus when i use a tune with twin turbo upgrade in it, I do not think it works properly.

Is not fastest: The Alfa 33, Maserati Tipo Birdcage, and Lotus 11 will eat it in X class.

Try intalling other parts first: some upgrade bugs are inherent on the order you attach them. Ex: race brake calipers vanish if you install race weight reduction AFTER the brakes.

thanks, I have literally tried everything I have restarted my xbox multiple times, I have tried to put upgrades on in different orders, just nothing has worked.

Its a common bug that If you got the tune from the storefront and then applied it to your new car it will sometimes cause the car to not install the turbo when you try to reinstall it after removing the tune. The way around this in the future is to buy the turbo before you apply a tune. You cant fix it or undo what happened. The only thing you can do is buy another car. The upside is the ultima is pretty cheap.

The only problem is how do i know if the turbo in the tune works?

Telemetry? Pretty sure you should see a significant difference in torque/RPM between a non-turbo, turbo, twin-turbo or supercharged car.

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But its not like someone has a x class tune with a turbo and without a turbo that says it…

Seems to be the age old aspiration glitch. Your best bet when downloading tunes is to first g in and manually purchase every engine swap and every aspiration conversion for every engine swap. It costs a little bit of credits but it’s better than having to buy a second car.

Depending on the turbo - you should be bale to feel when the turbo kicks in and you get that surge of power. You can also look at the graph in the engine or aspiration conversion page and check out the torque and horsepower lines.

i honestly do not care about future because i never buy tunes normally i just want to be able to use the turbo on the car. I have the 33 stradale maxed out and it feels allot faster than the ultima “maxed out” i am thinking that the turbo is glitched.

Well, a maxed out 33 is in a class of its own, to the point some consider it broken. Personally I think of it as an easter egg: no one expects an obsolete (but beautiful) 60’s sports car to have the potential to be the fastest car in the game.

I typically use my Ultima though, out of sensitivity to those who think the 33 unfair.

I’m insanely pi$$ed off. This glitch happened to my Birdcage which is a barn find, meaning i cant buy another!!!

Try downloading other tunes - this would work in older versions of Forza when this glitch would rear its head and MAY help you out here.