[UK-X] UK Exports is a club for people from the UK

Hi All,

UK Exports is a car club for people from the UK who enjoy cruising with people from their own area. We hold weekly events normally on a Friday and a Saturday, however we may hold events in the week. We normally do themed days for example: Stanced Meets, Super car Meets, Cruises, Drift sessions and many more. Our event dates and times are posted on our Facebook page Forza Motorsport 7 Lobbies | Facebook and on the group notice board within the game.

The club originally started on Forza 4 as British Motorsport, this was a serious racing club which was a lot of fun. We were one of the first clubs to hold track days within the game which turned into a huge part of the online game. We then moved to Horizon with the club name British Motorsport Horizon, this wasn’t a big club just friends that enjoyed playing together. We most recently have moved to Horizon 2 with the name UK Exports as the game is set in Europe we thought this was a fitting name, it also moves away from the racing name previously used.

We are currently 30th in the world and still rising, we have very active and friendly members so if you think this club is for you, we look forward to cruising with you in the future.

Thank you,

(Club Leader)