UK Drifters?

Yo, just looking for people to drift with.
Preferably from UK or in same time zone.
I’m on most evenings. Xbox One
Add me. GT as above.

Awryt dude I’m just about to jump on horizon 2 just now if your up for a bit of drifting I’m from Scotland aswell my GT is OnlyJDM Hendo

Jumping on Forza horizon 2 if any one is up for a bit of drifting Add my GT: AlwaysSidewayz

Anybody got a lobby going this evening?

anyone looking for someone to drift with from the UK add me, I’m on most nights, not the best, but just looking for some chill people to drift with

Online now if anyone fancies a session

Online now. Hit me up if your drifting.

Ill be on later tonight if anybody wants to add me GT: Exile vB34ST

Online now.

my GT is colt20mnc

started a club called if you would like to join please do .

im from Ireland did some drifting with project kemori and the fail crew but time difference is a killer .

so anybody over this time zone add me . I like drifting mostly and looking to maybe start a lil team . wont be online ontil the 26th . im away ontil then but join the club or add me

Online now. Add me if you’re from UK.

Online now.


Online now.
Add me if your drifting :slight_smile:


Anybody about?

Alright dude, I’m getting back into forza after a few years of not playing, I’m on xbox one, gt is vdubx, feel free to send me a request and I’ll be up for some slides when I’m online

Just got myself FH2 and got myself a tuned a decent drift car. On most nights drifting in a Blue R34 with a Paul Walker tribute on it. Gt ’ My Gun Can Kill ’ hit me up and get slideways!

I’m online with a mate tonight sometime around 12:30midnight time if anyone fancys a drift and chill add me GT: madcowdrifter87

Cheers guys
Added you all so catch you online at some point