UAZ 469 Hunter 1971-current

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Russian vehicles need representation in the game. Why only add China as a new represented country?

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Two Variants of the Hunter, it’s remained mostly identical since its first release outside of some changes to the lights and grille.

The grey one is a standard UAZ 469 while the Orange is the 2019/2020 UAZ Hunter Expedition model


Thanks for the comment. Hope FH5 takes this into account when/if they add this car to the game.


I really like the Expedition version. Seems a perfect opportunity to add the standard version and provide the body parts for the Expedition conversion. :wink::+1:


Another Russian legend popular among people who want relatively cheap and durable car. Back in its day it was highly popular among different armies from Eastern block.

Hunter for Russia is basically same a Land Rover Defender for Britain


Given the rally car update, this would make a great addition based on this alone.