U.S, Europe and Japan spec cars

I was just driving the 2012 MINI John Cooper Works GP around, super fun car. I read the description in the car list of this site and noticed it said it was a Euro car only. But when driving the car is cockpit view, the speedo reads in MPH. That got me thinking: other than right-side/left-side steering wheels and the speedometer, is there a way to tell the difference between U.S. spec cars versus Japan spec cars versus EU spec or UK spec?

Not really. Aside from the fact the devs made mistakes on cars since FM2 (but they are forgiven in my opinion), I tend to steer clear from the whatever-spec people wanna call it.

In real life I have a left-side steering car, produced in Japan, imported to USA, shipped overseas and eventually ending up in my possession in Europe, the gauges read both MPH & KPH, the onboard computer defaults to MPG/Fahrenheit after a battery-disconnect yet the satnav defaults to 24H time-display and the ECU gives certain values in millimetres.

So, what spec do I have? Don’t care, it goes like bananas!!!

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The speedo in the Klingon-spec reads in Khalikams.

Yeah, and when you turn it on it tells you ‘Today is a good day to drive’.

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Now that would be cool. I’m sure the Klingons use the metric system.


“but the race is not yet over.”