TX1 paddle shift doesnt work? And i dont see any free cars

Hi there got a few questions, first i bought the digital ultimate edition of the game but when i start the game i dont see any free cars do i have to get pass certain lvl to have access to those free cars? So far i only have 3 cars to choose from and i choose a Z4…

Second part is the paddle shifting on my TX1 wheel setup, i went into option and there out of the 5 config i cannot choose to manual shifting for my Z4? What am i doing wrong, on the screen setup there is only activate 2 out of the 5 option for paddle shift which does nothing as far as i can tell and the car still auto shift on its own…

isnt it just the difficulty level thats on automatic it wont let you shitft if you have it in automatic i assume

Heh, you forget the F in shiFt huh?

So meaning i change difficulty will allow me to use paddle shift? Gonna try later then.

Yep, change to manual shifting in the difficulty settings not in the controller settings.