TX wheel strange sound when FF?

Hello Forza racers :slight_smile:

I am enjoying Forza 5 racing and i have question for all fellow TX wheel users.

I have this issue with wheel popping at certain force feedback strength. If i set FF to above 70% and degree of rotation less than 420 degrees, i can hear “pop” sound from the wheel base internals at certain degree when i rotate wheel left/right. Pop happens at about 45 degrees from the center to both directions when FF is enabled.

It is not very loud pop and it doesn’t physically effect the gameplay, but it is there and it doesn’t seem natural since you can hear it. I contacted Thrustmaster support and they told me this would go away after few weeks of use. But after many hours of play, noise is still there and it doesn’t seem to go away.

So i wonder if you experience the same or did it go away after a while?

Thanks and happy racing!

Mine has popped 2 or 3 times when turning since I’ve gotten it last November. That’s it, like 3 total times of hearing a pop sound. Other than that, zero issues. I’ve used mine in actual races for over 140 hrs. Over 12,000 miles.

I recorded video: https://www.sendspace.com/file/zsxuqn

Let me know if you get same “pop” sounds when rotating the wheel in both directions while having set DOR about 360deg and FF above 70%. I got response from support that this is normal. I find it distracting during play, but it is most obvious in Forza settings when FF is active and you just rotate wheel right/left quickly. Don’t know what is that popping inside wheel base…? Do you guys get the same on your TX?

Why not put video on YouTube? I’m not downloading that file.

Hi, video is now available on tinypic:

Let me know if your wheel produces same sound when in settings set to DOR bellow 420deg and FF higher to 70% in Forza.