Hello, I’m having a really annoying issue. My brand new TX458 (great wheel) but not in horizon 2. It wobbles from left to right when I’m driving… Anyone having this issue? please help guys

First, If you are new and it is new… You should do a few things…

First install the Driver/firmware onto a PC from Thrustmaster’s support page at

Thrustmaster download page for TX wheel Base for Xbox One

The actual link for the software and firmware utilities installer is at the very bottom of the page. Follow the directions on the page to run the installer first. It will prompt you when to plug in your wheel. Don’t until prompted.

After it is installed, there will be a folder under ‘Start’-‘Programs’ for Thrustmaster. Use the Firmware Update utility to check and/or update the firmware to the latest version for Xbox one.

After you are sure you have the firmware updated, you can spend some more time in the Thrustmaster “Control Panel” application that will allow you to see how your wheel can be adjusted. in the app, select your wheel and then properties to launch.

Also look at manuals and advise pages linked from the install instruction section of the web page. Those will be useful.

Now… Returning to the game… In Horizon2, the wheel settings are accessed via the advanced menu (‘X’ button) from Controller Settings. Go there and look at your dead zone settings for steering inside and outside. Personally, I use ‘0’ and ‘100’. You will find other posts on forum with often differing advice. Try these first to see if they improve your issue!

Also, The wheel will jerk a bit wildly if you are off the pavement (free roaming through a field), or on gravel and/or dirt roads. These affects are normal and set to maximum by default. The intensity of vibrations from rough terrain or bumps, etc. can be very aggressive to get used to at first. You can set them to lower values in Advanced Controller Settings as well… Scroll to the bottom of the list… Vibration Scale is what you would want to lower to soften these feedback forces. Force is for the reactionary weight of the wheel as turning loads are applied for normal steering… If your wheel generally feels too heavy and/or it causes fatigue… Lower this number…

I’m sure one of these things will solve your problem…

Good Luck!