Two year development window

Disclaimer: Not a coder, developer, or here to bash or be a fan boy

After playing the game for a day now, going through tracks and cars. I’m becoming more and more confused. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate the new tracks, but the car list literally is FM5 with all of the DLC, and a few new models sprinkled on top.

So I’ve been thinking two years is a long a time, considering you already have almost all of the cars you’re going to use coded. Given the size of T10 and the amount of people working on FM6 day and night, fingers to the bone for the past two years. I feel a bit disappointed really.

The night/wet racing while im sure very intensive to pull off is only available on 3-4 tracks.

Still certain things were removed, drag racing, i.e. (Not that I care never really drag raced since FM4)

Just feel there wasn’t really a major addition to the game(not discounting the night/wet on a couple tracks).****
The car list is basically FM5+.
The physics don’t feel that much different to me. The graphics are a smidge better for sure. There isn’t really anything to get the blood pumping. Career mode has been “meh.” Just one race to the next. The showcase events are cool, but essentially the same things we could do before, its just now there’s some grandeur and theatrics added. Nothing really that’s game changing or time intensive.

My post here isn’t to review the game but to review T10’s effort. Is this game really a reflection of T10’s best? Could more have been done with a massive team/huge budget over the course of two years? So those of you that do have technical experience, and maybe know a bit more about development you will have the right to call me crazy. I might be totally wrong. I just have had this feeling after playing for a day that, there’s an emptiness to it. I feel it should’ve been a more, even if just a little.

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I assume that’s what you think the culture at T10 is, right?

I’ll ask if you want. Too bad none of them work. That’d make it easier to get a hold of one of them, I guess.


yeh they should have added jack packs to the cars and new guns.


Not sure what game you are playing but it can’t be Forza 6.I think it is probably the best handling Forza to date. Ya something’s were fun in past Forzas that are not here but move on and enjoy what we have. A GREAT game.


Figured it wouldn’t be long til the fanboys showed up and ignored every point I was trying to make.

I’m not bashing T10.*

Main point “Not a coder or developer”


Which is exactly why im asking.

The points ive made in my post above carry weight. Was asking the community. Thank you for your response.

Community arent coders or developers either, although lots of them would have you believe otherwise. My point is if you arent a coder or developer how can you assume how long something takes or what is involved in the process. You were told that the initial stages of development are conducted sometimes as early as 2.5 years prior to release but thats about all that was said.


Thank you dragon for a well thought out post that engages a discussion.

I figured as much that the community wouldn’t maybe necessarily have coders or developers but rather there might be people out there with more information than me regarding the process.

My basic point was that the game is good, its not bad. Im not bashing it. However it does feel just a slight upgrade considering the time spent on it, considering the amount of work that was probably put in. That was the issue.

I’m happy with the game they just need to bring the rest of the missing cars from FM4 and the horizon series

Its a shame you feel the way you do. I can see all the work they put into it and have enjoyed my first day immensely. I can’t wait to get off work and do some tuning and racing the minute I get home.

The endurance races being back is huge for me. The showcases are nice because I don’t have to interrupt the flow of my racing in a series if I don’t want to, but they’re there when I want to do them. Mods are interesting, but mostly I haven’t been using them. I may as I get into the higher car classes, since starting a position forward is pretty attractive. I also like the idea of dares for when I want to make some extra cash.

The night/rain is awesome on the tracks it does appear on. A number of the tracks available don’t see rain often enough for it to make sense. Yas Marina and Laguna Seca see rain a few days a year in real life.

The physics feel much more on point to me.

DOUBLE the tracks to race on from the release of Forza 5.

Just my feelings on the subject…

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Would of been sweet for them to make sandstorm/dust messing up the view like conditions on the sandy tracks like laguna.

I still miss a lot of tracks from 3, and 4. I really liked that Japanese mountain circuit, and I really liked maple valley. I’m just shocked all the small tracks in the world (And past Forza’s) they couldn’t just slap a new coat of graphics on it for now like they did with maps like alps. To me tracks make the game, not the amount of cars. If I get tired of a certain track any car in the world wont make it interesting anymore. I still like all Forzas but every now and then the same tracks pop up and I go “nope” time for a different game since it’s the same tracks I’ve played since 3, over and over and over again to the point I just can’t get into it unless I’m hammered, bored, or utterly want to burn some rubber.

Lovin the new selection of tracks though. Played them for hours on end last night.

Now don’t get me wrong, you’re crazy.


Thanks, there had been no name calling until another mod shows up. How ironic.

Thank you to everyone else for their opinions. This is the game forza 5 should’ve been, so at least things are moving in the right direction. In my crazy opinion, despite not being a developer or coder, four years(since the launch of FM5), the series is missing the completeness it had.

I think 2 years is a good cycle. Any longer and you risk using outdated techniques and redeveloping existing systems to take advantage of new hardware or software features, all before the game even ships, time that would be better spent creating new content or systems.

The only AAA titles that ship in less time are normally bound to do so via license agreements, such as Fifa or Codemasters F1 series.

All things considered I think they have a good balance.

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Dont get me wrong though, I think your mucho cray cray too.



What exactly were you looking for in a racing game with cars? What else can they really add really? lol

All of the things that should be in a racing game with cars?

Like a more realistic damage model, qualifying, pit radios, slightly more realistic length races, championship/series points, data logging and comparisons, more realistic race transmission noises and so on and on…

Am I enjoying the game? Yes.

Do I wish it had those things? Yes.


Daman Dash
I think you (or we as a community) will likely never know the specifics as to coding/development that went into FM6.
I can tell you, having friends in the industry, (not at T10) development and coding, especially for something ‘state of the art’ like simulators is a huge undertaking and despite what people think is not just a ‘cut and paste’ from the previous version into the new version and perhaps ‘tweak a few things and you’re done’ process. Sure, a lot of things are referenced, but with changing technology, media, wifi, security, etc, etc, all coding is usually redone, or recompiled and the process can be just a long. Somethings can’t be just used over, the point is it’s a huge process, and I don’t imagine anyone at T10 is going to release a lot of details because its likely all propriety private secure information.

I, like yourself, and likely no one in the community can really speak to the level of work that went into FM6, but based on what has come before and the sort of integrity and effort T10 is known for pioneering, me personally, take it on faith they made the best came possible given the vision of what they wanted to create.

Sorry you feel let down
There are certain features I would have like to have seen, but then I am guessing we all have our own ‘wish list’
I personally feel there are a lot of great things about the game, a lot of changes that I like since FM5
Room for improvement and changes, sure, that is always the case and will keep T10 pushing forward

Just my opinion
Good luck, keep playing, you might find things you like and see as positive