Two wheel landing=collision......sometimes!!!!

Been having a go at the HLR Hotlap competition in the tuning section here at, not really done a great deal of cross country events as only got the game the other week but what’s … me off big time is the landing on two wheels after going over a jump/bump or whatever and sometimes, not all the time being classed as a collision, why?

Part of the body of the car is hitting the ground.

When you land on two wheels you are more likely to bottom out than if landing on 4.

It is happening to me too. Just try to jump off flat parts of ground ie find a different path for some of the jumps.

I can understand that if both front wheels touched down first and your bumper hit the deck but the several times it’s happened to me is when say both left wheels touched down before the right side of the car touched down

Yep. On the Raptor it is usually front corner of car hitting ground.

My latest lap took 90 minutes to get a full clean lap, often due to what you mention.

I assume you dont use chase car view? I do and can see the car hit the ground.

PS i blame Moss :wink:

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