Two Tone Chrome

I’m trying to do the Two tone Chrome paint but don’t know where to begin, can anyone help me?

Is it a replica you’re doing or original? If you have some source photos to put up of what you want it may help others to see what you’re doing and give feedback and advice

Try talking to people instead of being negative.
This is why some don’t paint. there beginners have to patient with them.


I’m sorry it’s a just a paint job I’m trying to do no logo’s. I don’t have any reference pictures, I saw one of the drivertars using it during a race but haven’t seen it since.

If you saw it in FM6 then it’s not Two Tone Chrome, probably just the Two Tone Special Paint option

No need to be sorry just gotta be descriptive about what your looking to achieve that’s all


I have spare time. Check your inbox

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your right your not the first but be a part of the wheel not the flat spot. some people dont know what to say or how to ask and when people respond the way you do those newcomers dont come back because there scared or feel mistreated. should learn to try and help people and be a teacher to them. not make them feel unwelcomed. ive been around these forums since 2010 ive seen alot people never post again because others criticize people harshly.


It’s not picking on newbie painters. Stating things like try making logos from scratch is NOT picking on them. It’s called constructive criticism. Even when I first started painting I still did everything I could to make accurate logos making them scratch cause that’s what I saw the “Pro’s” doing. You saying new painters can’t make those lettering is already putting them down because you are setting a limit on their skill level from the get go. Some logos that ‘newbie’ painters use forza fonts for are very obvious and don’t look like the real logos at all.

And that fact is to get your work noticed you have to make it clean and try and be as accurate as possible, especially with so many painters.

Also some of us don’t have the save file space to share logos. I maxed out my vinyl group saves back on FM5 and had to bunch them together, and I’ve made many, many more since then

Everyone needs to ease it up a little.

Someone asked a question.

Someone else simply stated that there wasn’t enough information, albeit perhaps a tad stiff. It’s still an issue of interpretation through text, good luck on always being right with that.

Comments, or lack of towards newer painters are generally positive, and that’s good as people first putting their stuff out there are going to be sensitive sometimes.

Whether someone shares or not is a personal decision and no one has any right to criticize that decision.

Still, someone asked a question. Answer it, or ask for more information or ignore it. The rest of this is simply unnecessary.

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