Two Streams Left - What Do You Want To See?

You know I am not fan of Eliminator but yeah it would have been good they demonstrate a bit of interest for fans expectations including Eliminator and other FH4 features.

That said, I don"t believe they will.

They are brilliant when it comes to adding new cars and features, not so much when it comes to fixing WELL KNOWN issues.


Great post Tilo. I don’t know if you noticed but the thumbnail car selection screen does now identify the tyre type present on the car, so that’s one functional issue which they have improved.

Thanks Jezza ! Looks they finally concluded displaying it any season was simple, one bug fixed hopefully.

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Provided it is available in all seasons. In FH4 the only time it showed rally/snow tires was in street/road racing. When it came to dirt races, you had to either guess or remember what car had rally tires on them.

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I want to see ingame footage of the xbox one console!! i guess most of world wide gamers will have to play FH5 on xbox one/s/x So how does it look like on those old consoles??

And when will the disk version be available for preorder??? i for sure wont buy any donwloadable games. i want the disk, why is it still not for preorder on Amazon???


It is available on Amazon, I just checked.

I’ve just bought it! Can’t wait!

Didn’t you say you were getting it on PC? (Just mentioning in case you thought the physical version let you play on PC.)

The one I bought said Windows, and Xbox. I want PC, because my Xbox One S isn’t that good compared to my PC. My PC plays everything in ULTRA mode. Some people swap between PC, and XBox but lose their saves, so I don’t want to risk it.

It’s only PC if it’s the digital version, regardless of what Amazon says.

Anyway so long as you’re sure you know what you’re getting it’s all good.

The only one that says Xbox & Windows is a digital code, so he’s good.

Another thing I’m curious about, and maybe someone knows the answer to this already. How does the player level system work in FH5? Is it more like FH3, or is it like FH4 with the prestige system?

I prefer the way FH3 did it. In FH4, the wristband colours are meaningless because you can have a player with a high ‘prestige’ level who has a low level colour, and a low level player who has a nice gold colour. There is no sense of achievement in getting prestige in FH4 (for me). Also the amount of time to level up to the max is WAY too long. Way way too long. If prestige is to continue then it should be optional like it is in Call of Duty.

So how does FH5 do it?

IIrc this was a community question during the last stream. Mike mentionend it’s more similar to Horizon 4. So probably a prestige system again.

Oh dear!

I want to see the event Labs in action! And if we can create championships with thim. I really don’t understand why this feature is out of horizon 4!
More about the music in the game!

I have not heard the word ‘championship’ a single time in any FH5 stream, did you ?

All I would like to know about music is if finally it can be switched off for good.

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I don’t heard nothing about turn off the music. Did you?
And the championship is a thing in horizon 5. At least, co-op championships is a feature.

I want to know more about the loyalty rewards they mentioned a while back.

Please show some gameplay on series x with performance mode, after fh4 next gen update, play fh5 in 30 fps is almost unacceptable.