TVR Cerbera Speed 12 1996-1998

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TVR Cerbera Speed 12 1996-1998

This model has been represented in Forza games as the

  • 1998 TVR Cerbera Speed 12 (FM1 to FM4, FM7, FH4, FH5)

The only official Road Conversion of the Speed 12

Looks so much better with this aero package over the one we have ingame, would be lovely to have the Forza Aero redone to this style as a homage or just have it as a Bodykit Option.

The 7.7L V12 under the hood

A TVR Car Club Page regarding the Car and some information on it

The Auction Page

Various Articles about this particular model being sold in the above Auction (£601,500 in May of 2023)

A Video about the Car


I think they’ll need to add it as a separate car because the new scans will likely not match the current game model. The other cars have been destroyed and this is the only one remaining

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Most likely, I wouldn’t object though if we got this pretty version :eyes:

Would be nice for Motorsport to have this one and maybe a GT1/GT2 Race Spec or just give it a Restrictor Upgrade to detune the engine to Race Levels.

Except, it isn’t, there’s a second one out there according to the DVLA

This one


Wonder how this one slipped through the cracks. Even websites dedicated to TVR haven’t mentioned this one’s existence.


What’s more, if it gets a new MOT, there are multiple people who know of its existence. Either those people are good at keeping a secret or completely oblivious


There are a few more that nobody knows of under different names all listed as TVR some with 7.8l engines and some not. The previous owner of the one that recently sold had made another with a different engine from bits remaining from the TVR factory he bought(reason he sold one is he had 2) and has more parts and rights to make more if he chooses.
They were prototypes after all so chances are they were listed as standard Cerbera’s or just TVR’s. Guaranteed there’s probably a couple in the Middle East

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I can’t believe that Turn 10 has let go of this British monster! Turn 10, try to get this TVR back.


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