TV quality.

I have a 32" Samsung HD TV.

Does anyone know the settings i should be using for xbox one and forza5.

The writing and display dont look smooth and clear.

I have a hdmi cable from xbox to tv. Tv resolution set at 1080p on xbox settings. I know nothing when it comes to setting stuff like this up. Any help would be appreciated.

is your TV ‘HD Ready’ or full HD? as HD ready is only 720p

If you’re not sure check on the TV, if it’s HD Ready there is probably a logo of that on the frame of the TV

At 32" I wouldn’t be surprised if it was only 720p.

there’s plenty of 32 inches in full 1080p, but i reckon this is the case at 720p

how old is the Samsung 32 inch? If its 4-5yrs or more then i’d say its more than likely 720p, if its new but bought at a really ‘too good to be true price’, then it’s more than likely 720p also.

I got it last year. I tried 720p and it doesnt look any differrnt.

I cant remember if it said hd ready lol.

Its led if that helps.

guess it’s time to upgrade to a 4k tv

Model and serial number will be on a panel on the rear, find them out and check the Samsung site to find your user manual.

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What model?

What will it tell me, that would help me get better quality from my gaming?

Well, for one, it’ll tell us exactly what television settings your set has. Not all Samsung TVs have the same features. Or don’t share the model - it doesn’t matter to me, either way. Just trying to help you out.

I only got your comment now after replying to another. Its a samsung 32led tv.

I am asking you for the model name. Samsung makes many different 32" televisions. The model should be displayed on a label on the screen’s back panel.


I am asking you for the model name. Samsung makes many different 32" televisions. The model should be displayed on a label on the screen’s back panel.

Model: LE32DE4001EW

Model code: LE32DE4001EWXXU

Type no: LE32D400

I can’t find the manual for this TV, but everything I have seen so far on sales sites says; this is a LCD TV.

Thanks lad. love your signature.

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It will be full of wonderful tips and tricks on how your TV works, including if your TV is 1080 or 720.

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Any TV purchased within the past year or two should look pretty good out of the box. If you do find a link to your owner’s manual on Samsung’s site - you might also search for how to do a factory reset on your TV. It might be good to just reset the TV back to it’s original state. You shouldn’t have problems with the writing or display not being clear using the settings that come configured out of the box.

On Xbox One - there is an HDTV setup utility. You can find this on the settings menu under the TV or Display tile (can’t remember the exact name). It’s a pretty good utility and will walk you through getting the best picture for gaming out of your TV. Give it a try and let us know if running through those steps helped at all.

Also - you haven’t mentioned whether these problems only occur in FM5 - or if they are also problems with other games and/or just watching regular TV and/or movies. If this is an FM5-specific issue - you might try uninstalling/reinstalling the game. If this is happening on other game and with TV/movies - then it’s probably a problem with your TV settings.

Good Luck!

if its LED should be 1080p

the LCD models are the older ones which started off in 720 then they all phased out to be 1080p on LCD, then the LED’s came along so by then should all be 1080p

We have this TV in our bedroom. It’s great for casual TV viewing, as we don’t watch much TV in the bedroom (we like to do other stuff), but if I had a choice (which fortunately I do), I wouldn’t use it for normal TV viewing or gaming, especially with a next-gen console. We use it with a Sky+ box (the non-HD version).

It is HD Ready (720p) not full HD, so sadly I don’t think that there’s any setting tweaks that you can implement to make your viewing experience any better.