Turns out the game just glitches at every graphical setting

I’ve played with all the settings by now.
The game glitches even when I put the game all the way down to 1280x720, and all settings low.

I have AMD FX8350,
Radeon 7970 crossfire but i know crossfire wont work in this game.
32 gig s of ram.

I understand its BETA stage but its always a sign of things to come in the fully released product.
They are probably working at fixing the glitches but some things can’t be fixed sometimes.

I know from past experience the DIRT 1 DEMO game had glitches in it and codemasters kept saying its not final product.
Final product came out and it still glitched. However, they released future race games without glitches in them.

So I won’t be playing with the game anymore trying to change settings to remove glitches. Since as I said it glitches on extreme low settings.
But I can just hope that future titles of Forza get better for PC.

I downloaded the update. The one that gives FPS.
I have High Frames Per Second but the game glitches still.
I wonder if they can fix glitches. It must be really hard because I’ve seen it in the past where “this is not a final product” is mentioned but final product glitches again.