Turn10 Forza Rewards Gifted Cars

My 360 developed the red ring of death and I lost everything… I know that I was given a few cars via Forza rewards and was wondering how to get them back, any input would help. Thanks

Unfortunately, like all gift cars with Forza, you get them once only and cannot get them resent.

Thanks. Looks like I’ll have to live without them.

One way to get them back is to get another XBOX 360, with a hard drive, and transfer your old Xbox 360 HD contents to your next Xbox.
You can buy a transfer cable to do this.
Check with Xbox.com to find out how to transfer the contents to the good Xbox 360.

Since you only had a few cars, I’m assuming that you have not played Forza 4 much. You could start over on another Xbox 360 and get the free cars.
You would get up to 50 free cars for leveling up to Level 50.