Turn 10s Process of Creating/Adding Cars

Can someone provide a little background on Turn 10’s process of creating and adding cars to the roster? I seem to recall a precise scanning technique they would use, but that cannot be the case for all cars. There are just so many obscure and rare cars that there is no way there is a solid chance they never got a hold of, or for example the new Veloster. Did Hyundai invite Turn 10 to scan a car months before it was even unveiled?

Just trying to understand the reasoning behind which cars are added. Is it part availability at that time, or complexity of the car itself?

Its been touched on in small points over the years. If memory serves me correctly they do a combination of in-house scanning (Turn10 employees go to the location of the vehicle to scan and they can it), building cars off of hundreds of detailed photos of a car to be added, and outsourcing (say the car is in Japan, they wouldnt send one of their team members on a couple day trip to Japan just to scan one car). Again, this is from memory of articles and videos I have seen over the years on the subject. What happens before that process happens is probably about as exciting as watching paint dry. If its a race car I bet its 10 times worse because they also have to get the licensing for the sponsors as well. When F1 2013 came out I remember Codemasters saying that the reason why more cars werent in the classic F1 section was simply getting the licensing for sponsors on a lot of the cars. Who knows, that might be why we havent seen the CLK GTR race car since FM1 but we have the road car.

I never thought of the sponsors…that would be a licensing nightmare.

Especially for older sponsors that have been bought by someone new in the time between that car being raced and now. The only plausible way Turn10 and the rest of the industry could get around it is just get the licensing for the car in question and release it as a blank car for the community to livery up. Now of course they could have tried that already and were told no.

Sometimes that is exactly what they do. They sent a team of T10 photographers/scanners to South Africa for a couple of days to scan the FM7 cover Porsche 911 GT2 RS before anyone outside of Porsche had ever seen the car.

Well, you can have a race car without its racing livery… The Lancia Delta Group B does not come with its own livery because originally it raced under the Martini Racing banner and, since Forza is a game with an E rating, they can’t officially feature Martini in the game. When it’s a small thing though, such as Marlboro’s decal on Alain Prost’s Ferrari 641, they do the whole car except for that.

I’m afraid we might not ever see some F1 cars because of that, actually.

My guess would be…

In the case of new or recent cars the manufacturers will have all of the 3D modelling you’d ever need. T10 would have to import the data into their proprietory software and (in most cases I believe) have the rendering and textures done by third parties (very time consuming). As T10 have a license to feature the car it’s also quite likely they get access to many cars early.

For older or rare cars they’d have to go scan one. This is why on occasion a car featured in FM differs slightly from original spec, something was changed, painted or modified.

I suppose they would still have the ability to model a car from photographs and technical data as they all used to do but things have moved on. It’s probably cheaper to fly half way round the world to scan a car than it is to spend hundreds of hours drawing it, particularly with the level of engine and interior detail we’ve come to expect.

here is an old video from Forza 4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWb7cCS16TM

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No way im going to listen to 47 min of alternate truths on that. They continually repeat they build everything from the ground up as well yet the same flaws from the previous game are in all the newer versions.