Turn 10s communication problem

Forza 6 has a number of problems some minor and some more serious as these forms can testify. Yet Turn 10 seems unwilling or unable to communicate with its customer base. This is such a counter-productive situation that I find truly puzzling. So please Turn 10 learn to talk to the people who loved Forza and want to love it again.

There is a FM6 Support Thread at the top of the page

This has been discussed over and over again. I’ve made lengthy posts to Turn 10 about communication. Sometimes they work and Turn 10 are more communicative, but it never lasts. They seem to have a very weird policy about discussing any issues. It’s always been like this. Sadly…

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They even don’t read the Twitter mention.

They still use Forza 5 background wallpaper.
Maybe Forza official account is a bot.

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