turn 10 what a joke they have become

So you mislabel an achievement that says complete all seasonal championships but actually you have to complete everything 100% then you release stupid treasure hunts that you can’t do cos it’s glitched so I’ve wasted my time completing everything else up to now. They have known about this all week and today’s hotbox doesn’t fix it so are you gonna give you the 3 points for this weeks treasure hunt as its your mess up yet again

I agree with the sentiment but is it Turn 10 or Playground Games.

Either way this game is a joke and they have taken too long to fix it.

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You’re right.

The hole bunch of them (mike Brown, Matt Craven and Ryan Greene) should take the responsibility for the worst title in this series.

I thought CP2077 was a disaster, but FH5 is the best example for wrong decisions. I get used to it, learned my lesson.

As a GPU member, I won’t buy any Forza games. To much frustration, no quality assurance and the worst costumer support I’ve ever seen.

Good luck on fable, you’ll need it.


No, but it certainly explains a lot… :smiley:


I haven’t seen a treasure chest, and I don’t get the Christmas decorations either.

The problem with accolades is some of the accolades eg. Get 1000 likes and uses for your Vinyl might be out of reach for 99.9999 % playerbase. Same goes for tune and livery accolades. These accolades are strictly for star youtubers whose plain vinyl shapes will be liked by their fans and followers. Even if you put a 100% quality livery, only few people download it forget about likes. It’s usually 1 like per 20 downloads.

This same thing was in FH4’s starcard and same crap has seeped into FH5. Please give accolades which majority can complete not tiny minority.


It’s not YouTubers, I do it without being on YouTube. It’s just people with the patients to sit, and make a good vinyl.

Ok but how are people able to see your stuff?
It’s listed in the last uploaded and in your creative hub… or search via your name and so on
And btw noone is scrolling through the last uploaded list for hours with the speed there

same for the blueprints btw
it gets better listed if ppl play it but how to get ppl before??? its easy with youtube

Forget about YouTube. It’s simple. Make good vinyls. Make and share a lot of them. People will find them. You’ll get a few downloads at first. Then a lot. Don’t overthink vinyl designs. Often, simpler is better. Some of my most popular designs took me about 15 minutes to make. I’ve got designs that took me more than 10 hours with only a few downloads, but I like them and I use them a lot.

No it isn’t ‘simple’. Popular ‘streamers’ and ‘influencers’ will get a lot of downloads from their followers, regardless of the quality of their work. It’s like how certain popular tuners have the most downloads despite their work being unremarkable or even poor. Their work is popular because they are popular.


Nothing to be gained by being jealous of them. Be your own person. Make good vinyls and share them. You’ll eventually get the accolade. Maybe in a month. Maybe in a year. Just a matter of putting in the effort and being patient.

Eh? I’m not jealous of anything, I’m pointing out how it works.

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So you wanna say, that YTers don’t have a huge advantage? smh

The more popular ones run often times more than 1 club with 2000 members, but no advantage at all, got it…

Aqua doesn’t understand how it works, apparently. He also mistakes luck for skill, ie. just because he might have a lot of downloads because he got the game early or whatever and enjoyed first mover advantage, doesn’t mean others can now do what he did, and get the same results.

It’s like asking a lottery winner what he had for breakfast and what clothes he wore on the day he bought his winning scratch card. Following his advice doesn’t mean that you will win anything.


Another strawman argument… I never got the game till 9th November. With FH4 I was a few weeks late, and got over 1 Million downloads.

That’s called a Strawman argument, when you argue a point that was never brought up. The actual point was that you can make the achievements if you aren’t a Youtuber, the YouTube advantage was not a part of that argument.

Do you even read your own posts?
You wrote, it’s not YTers, didn’t you?

Of course you can achieve things without being a Youtuber. So, you had 1million+ downloads in FH4, good for you.
How did you achieve them?
By using glass2k and taking part in the weekly livery contest. No need to brag. I’m near 800k in H4 without glass2k or a contest. I really don’t care. I’m not into attention seeking…
Aren’t you the guy, that said ingame functions like rewinds are a cheat, but using external stuff like glass2k suddenly isn’t? That’s pure hypocrisy, nothing less.

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If you read it again, I was replying to this…

When I said “It’s not YouTubers”

Then when I said that rewinds are cheating, I also said you can’t do that in real life. But you can trace in real life, and Vinyls are often photographs, so in real life vinyls are actually easier than what I am doing. I am trying to make a photograph without a camera. That is harder to do… so not cheating.