Tuning right before race start

So I noticed for the race starts you can go to “tune car” and if you select setup manager you do not have the option of loading one of your own tunes. But if you go to “tune browser” you can select someone else’s tune. Why would it be helpful for me to select a random person’s tune that I have no idea how it works right before a race, but I do not have access to any of my own tunes. This is a horrible design decision unless there’s some reason that it’s limited. But I can’t see why I wouldn’t have access to my own content versus all of the stuff in the community.

Just noticed if I go to search and put my gamertag in I can actually find my own tunes when using the tune browser but I can’t actually load them directly.

I guess you can use this as a trick to download your own tunes to unlock those parts of the game that require that.