Tuning question (my car's mid corner ability is lacking...what to investigate?)

so over the past couple of years i’ve been getting better at tuning cars to my liking, just made some great strides in getting the power down without much drama and getting a nice and responsive turn in but… a problem that i’ve had since forza 7 that i’ve kind of not figured out how to solve is ehr…mid corner turning ability? when your turning as hard as you can at higher speeds (200km/h+…probably 150+ as well) it just doesn’t quite seem to have the turning ability to make the corner so i have to lift off, it doesn’t feel like the front is sliding or plowing and might have some more to give but something is limiting it.

i’ve got aero maxed out at the front (sometimes also rear…to help keep the 1400hp rwd tame),i’ve got my ARB’s about where i want them and dampening seems to be in a nice place…haven’t touched the springrate much as last time i lowered it by 5kg all around it ehr…did not give positive results :stuck_out_tongue: though the car’s are much more stable now.

but the main question is when facing this type of limit (car turning in with vigor but then…meh without sliding or drama just…not turning enough)

Hola broo, los ajustes son más personales, pero te puedo ayudar en algo, yo he notado q hay muchos autos q giran a gran velocidad en curvas muy cerradas y se persive una estela de humo, hee hecho muchos ajustes pero aún no doy en el clavo, yo uso este ajuste y me a servido,. En alineación usa., inclinación de rueda 2.0 y 1.0 en opción negativo,. En alineación usa 1.7 y. 5 fuera. En ángulo de rueda una 4.5.,esto con suspensión de drift,. Usa neumáticos de rally. Si gustas checa algunos tuning que he subido, soy Jcgarcia18