Tuning not complete in sharefront

I read it somewhere but i dont seems to find it but like the topic said its like fm5 over again with the front setup not follow the upload to charefront.

Do we know if T10 working on this or if its not prioity right now with all the other bugs out ther.

I started a thread on it here. It’s on the list of known bugs so I guess we wait and see.

Like i said i knew i read it somewhere but couldnt find it.

Mods can lock this thread and we use the linked thread.

EDIT i suck at searching the forums when i did i did not find anything in search i check his link and it is in the same category im gonna stop using these forums haha.


In the upper-right area of the forum pages is a blank line and a magnifying glass (search indicator).
Click on the magnifying glass, so it opens a page like this: http://forums.forza.net/turn10_search.aspx?search=

Now you can select which specific Forum (or Sub-forum) in which you wish to Search. If you know the author’s name, you can insert that, and select general wording like “tuning” for results like this in FM6 Support: http://forums.forza.net/turn10_search.aspx?search=#0|5