Tuning calculators?

I’ve mostly been using other peoples tunes but I do enjoy tuning my own cars when I find the time and as a noob tuner who is still trying to get a gist of it all, are tuning calculators any good to help set a baseline??? I know theres forzatune 5 and a forzatune 6 underway. Should i hold out for the new one or will forzatune 5 be fine if calculators are okay. If I shouldn’t use calculators then how should i determine my base tune before I start playing around with the little things?

Learning to tune is a long process but can be shortened if you befriend a tuner willing to walk you through. Tunes are highly personal but the concept of tuning is the same. There are good information as well inaccurate information so navigating through all the material around is the difficult part.

As for calculators, they can help you IF you are just looking for something to save you time. If you rely on them completely, the results from the calculators will be hit and miss but you won’t know how to fix a tune that’s not working for you.

If you are looking for a calculator, the one you have in Forza is a decent one and it is completely automatic! The base tune calculated from Forza is based mostly on weight distribution and typically on the stiff side, I find, with no consideration for the type of drivetrain (FF, FR, MR, AWD etc.).

8% + 92% = 100% Correct!


Forza tune 6 is coming out in about 8 days or so.

Not to be a total pest, but any chance it will be available for Windows 10 or Windows Phone?

funkyGeneral, I am considering Win10 this go around especially if we have a good turnout for this app. It would be towards the end of the year if we did.

Just wanted to say I am in the process of learning to fine tune my cars for the first time in forza. my play time has been reduced due to the birth of my first baby 7weeks old. so time is limited on the testing front. I wanted to share that I have just purchased forzatune6 to show support to efforts made in developing the app. hoping it can assist me also. many thanks !

Its on Google play and apple store as of now and don’t know if that will change.

How far are from release of forzatune 6?

should be the 30th or the Oct 1. Hopefully.

Thank you.

Forzatune 6 is out now in the app store and on google play. Sad thing is though that this only works on ios 8 or higher so anyone with an iphone 4 (like me) or lower cannot use this app. :frowning: don’t know about google.

Why can’t I find it on Google Play? Grrr

I just downloaded it for android on a Samsung galaxy 4 with no problems for android users if that helps anybody. Not sure which software build I’m using tbh.

4.03 is the minimum software build u can use.

I can’t seem to find Forza Tune 6 on Google Play. Is there another DL source for it?

Most likely not released for Android yet.

I searched “Forzatune” in play store and it was the 4th one down.

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Dam, I stand corrected. He’s right. Its there