Tuner ( Racer ) looking for a team to help

Hi guys I’m looking for a team that is looking for help with tuning specially if you like non LB cars that can still challenge in lobbies and in multiplayer, I will tune LB cars too but prefer other options.

I have been around since FM2 and know what I’m doing, I was previously o2R IMPORT69.

I mainly tune S class cars but am happy to tune A class too.

If anyone needs help just post here or reach me online, I’m on UK time.

Hi mate!
Not specifically looking for tuners,but racers are always welcome.
We are a group of friends that’s grown for the last couple of years to about 330 people. We have active series on Monday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday and Sunday. All UK based as most of our guys are UK or Europe. We have mostly adult players,with some decent youngsters also.
You will always find someone or something to race as we have different pace people and organize custom series in a lot of classes.
We pride ourselves or respect and racing clean,whilst maintaining a high level of banter at all times.
If you want check us out on Facebook, Elite Tier Racing. Or check the youtube channel by ETR Triad for an impression of our series.

See you on track,

ETR Founder,

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