Tune it al the way


When I upgrade my car I usually put all the upgrades in the car.
Is this good, or are there updates that make cars go slower or handle like crap?

(I understand that when its turns green its getting better, en red worse)

I also understand that more weight make the car slower in acceleration.

Where to I need to pay attention to when upgrading other than things in named above.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Well cars can become undrivable because they have to much power. And not enough to keep them sticked to the road.
For instance if you tune a Golf 2 GTI to the max, you won’t be able to drive it fast because it has a lot of wheelspin.

There are so many variables in tuning - you should ask for some specific help with specific issues.

First off - adding everything often puts the car out of its comfort zone (most people don’t upgrade more than a class or two). For example, just because you can add more power doesn’t mean the car can effectively use it.

When upgrading and tuning you should be looking to improve the cars weaknesses - if the car is down on horsepower, you need to upgrade the engine. If it is heavy try to lighten it. If it handles badly you should look at the suspension.

Weight is often the first thing you should try to improve as it affects almost every aspect of the cars behavior. Brakes and tires can make a huge difference to a lot of cars and suspension and power upgrades are useful for helping with weak spots. It really does vary from car to car though, and the way you drive can make a difference too. Tuning the car for the track you intend to use it on can make a difference too.

Most of the time, missiles are a waste of time. As I said in a thread a few days ago, and someone said above, you’re probably losing out on a lot of performance. I’ve seen a lot of people with maxed out cars that don’t hit their class PI boundary, so there’s wasted potential there.

Then the fact a lot of them will be awful to drive. They are the bane of my existence in higher class lobbies because people who use them take themselves out, and most of the grid.

I’d seriously suggest visiting the tuning forum, so you can see what the community make, and drive them yourself. You’ll start noticing trends and what works where, and what parts they may use.

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This is my first post in here and I apologize for my name. Xbox assigned it to me when I registered and I’m not really sure how to change it.

But as for the topic at hand, I found this out the hard way too. I really liked the Alfa GTA and then I went and modified it and I didn’t like it as much. I had the HP at about 200 and I just couldn’t handle it. But when I first drove it I thought it was awesome. So I went back in and dialed back all the power upgrades. I did leave the handling upgrades I gave it though and it’s a lot better. I still almost think it was better in stock mode. I think what happened was I chose a race that was one class above what it was in stock form. And I did the automatic upgrades to race it in that class. I didn’t fully understand all the different classes and that you could change cars at first. Now I do.

I don’t think I’m ready for B and A class yet. I’m still new. C’s might even be a little hairy for me yet. But yeah, I think for me a car with less power and better handling is the way to go for now. The muscle cars are just so hard to drive well. I suppose if they had handling upgrades maybe they’d be better.

Most find the automatic upgrade to be a bit limited and doesn’t address cars shortcomings.

You will find B and A class to be good as you can get so much more in a car in this class, better handling and generally better to drive without being over the top. My favorite class is A for this reason (and I am not alone there).

I’m still learning how to drive well, so… I have started driving manual but not knowing the tracks well makes for a challenging race. Trying to watch the tac, the road and the top view of the track is one or two too many things for my eyes to take in. LOL. But I like the control of manual. I’m still winning against the computer in beginner mode. LOL.

As with all things, it takes practice. Maybe spend time in test drive so you’re on your own and other cars aren’t an issue, so you can focus on yourself. Then maybe hot lap as well, see how your outright pace is, and perhaps aim to progressively improve. It took me almost a week to get used to manual when I made the jump. Now I have plenty of experience under my belt I can glance or listen to the engine notes and know what the best gear for each corner is. But it all takes time.

I even spend time analysing the power band for each track to tune my gears efficiently and to shift at the right time, which in some cars, can be very early on, or as late as humanly possible. But again as said, that’ll be something you advance into as you progress.

Also do have a look at the Tuning Forum so you can sample other tuners’ cars and see what they do, what specs their cars are, and what parts they use.

Thank you for the tip!! I do love the idea of figuring out when to shift, what gear you should be in for that corner in that car, how fast you can take it without slipping, etc etc. Just like they have to in real life. It kind of pays to drive one type of car a lot, otherwise if you’re always changing, you don’t really understand all that as well. But then the game sort of promotes you changing cars a lot in the world tour. Or if not changing cars, upgrading one which makes it almost like a different car to a degree. The one thing I found interesting is that my go to car right now is the Alfa GTA and I had to laugh how on a few of the longer tracks it doesn’t have enough gearing and I’m redlining in top gear on a few long straights. Like Road America. I only raced on LeMans once with a slower car and I couldn’t believe how long that straight is. In a slower car it goes forever.

Thanks for the tip about the tech forum. I’ll go in there. That’s half the fun of the game I guess.

Anything to find that extra speed!

I find it healthy to drive a small handful of cars because if you spend too much time in one, everything else eventually feels alien, if you spend an extreme amount of time in that one car. When the Sauber came out I spent a couple of weeks driving just that thing, then when I went back to other cars they were all over the place, because I was all over the place! Definitely cover all your bases, with a good mix of grippy, acceleration and straight line speed cars. Then pick the right car for the job. That avoids the topping out at Road America scenario :slight_smile:

And you’re welcome about the tuning forum. Also all of the old stuff from that forum is here http://legacy.forums.forza.net/forums/161/ShowForum.aspx , I’d suggest a gander there too. Reading all of that, picking up info and seeing what people did there helped me become a better driver for sure.

Thank you!

like others said. but personally I drive every car I tune in stock form for about 3-5laps stock to see if I like how it feels. after that I try and determine what class it can be competitive at. I find it that C-A class you can have balanced builds and be competitive. but ultimately it comes down to how much a driver can make up for the lack of handleling. for example I found that when I built my b class mazda axela (no aero) that I was going around the corners just as fast with 5.4 as I was with 5.7. so it aloud me to pick up a few hp and lose some weight in the process. but its different with every car and driver. so many possibilities love this game.