Tune Comp Rewards

Whats up painters!!! Since im absolutely horrible at painting i thought i would come straight to the source.

I will be running monthly tuning comps and would love to be able to have a gift for the winner.

Would a few of you guys/gals be interested in helping me out?

You would have approximatly one month to get the paint competed so you wont be rushed.

I’d love to help out, just tell me what kind of thing you are looking for and I’ll be there.

Nice thing is… u get to paint what u want i just want it on the car in the comp… for instance the comp were doing right now is for the 2017 ford gt. Design it how you wantand 1st place gets a special number plate/name above the dooror something else you may come up with. That way you can still release the car to the masses and the winner gets a personalized car.

Still interested?

Others painters are still welcome!!!

Ok, sounds great. I’ll see what I can come up with!

Ooh, I can’t wait, another PPiDrive Edition car on it’s way :stuck_out_tongue: – or (working title) how’s that for wishful thinking?

Do what you desire PPi… i just want to get this setup ahead of time and get some nice prizes. Win win for everybody

Oh gosh, I couldn’t paint the prize car. I’d need to work on one a couple months out - I was merely joking about me winning the competition.

Oh lol… fooled me… bently gt3 will be one of the next cars… month and a half there u go lol

Oh I’m so on it. I can do something on that car for sure, here we go.

This first one is short notice… of u want to do the 2017 ford gt be my guest. Or u can wait until my next one which will involve 3 cars. If u cant paint all three i understand

So iDrive, what color should I paint the GT then hahaha!

I don’t know.

I have one stock paint scheme and one with the LeMans paint scheme by SCS Skreamies.

On another note, I have been working on that Bentley Johnson. Here is a picture from the last time I photo’d it:

— if you guys know the Hex Code or the Forza Color Code for British Racing Green it would be nice so I can change that green color to what it should be.

I’m working on the BTCC race number placard for the side. I have the basic flag portion of the logo, I don’t think I’ll do the actual cars on it and just go with the BTCC text, and the bottom part of the placard done. Then to fill it out with a few more sponsors on that front fender and finish up the design. I’m not expecting it done anytime soon though, at least a couple more weeks.

So ace i will be doing a bunch of laps on thursday and friday with the 2017 so if u even have a simple paint for that car please share it so i can help out ur forza wallet

It doesnt have to even have decals lol just simply share a stock paint :slight_smile:

My morals are telling me not too but I might just have too

British Racing Green Hex Code :-

British Racing Green Colour coordinates
Hex triplet #014225
RGB (r, g, b) (1, 66, 37)

Hope it helps.

Thank you. Saves a little bit of searching next time I’m on too do this stuff. :slight_smile:

Bentley is looking good… i would have gave up all ready and painted it black lol

I thought about it but I’m learning alot, I’m actually really enjoying it, and it’s a matter of (a) pride and (b) staying true to what I said I would do.

Update: I finished the basic pattern on the rear of the car, I changed the wrong green to British racing green, I got the side worked on and (not in photo) I’ve started the actual race number placard. I still need to do the “naim” logo on the bottom of the side skirt and find another logo to go above HEXIS. Then I have to go in and make sure the side mirror is also changed to BRG.

On the driver side door I put the driver flags and gamertags that I will be using for now. I used mine, and your ERS Johnson - to verify, I should use the American flag, correct? If not let me know which and I will make it.

Ok down to 15 days for the paint to be done… hows it coming on the 2017 ford gt?