Tuesday's patch

Perhaps I’m getting a bit overzealous here and curiosity getting the best of me, but could we include inaccurate car sound fixes for some of the cars at least, in tomorrow’s patch? If it is coming indeed.

I know a lot of cars need to have the correct samples patched and it’s getting to be a lengthy list as we speak, though the sound balancing issue that’s preventing car sounds from coming out loudly with adequate bass and midrange, perhaps we could have a fix for that tomorrow? Please, oh pretty please?? :slight_smile:

Even a small fix for now that says “Ah, they have identified issues and are in the process of rectifying them as we go along. We are back on track, finally”.

Just wanted to leave a little rant here - no worries if it doesn’t come tomorrow, but a start in the right direction would be nice and super-welcome. :slight_smile:


What gives you the impression there is a patch coming tomorrow ?
I know there is mention of a vip rewards fix, but I hadn’t seen any ETA …

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I wish it was today… been putting off the single player until it’s fixed lol


They usually release patches on tuesday and i do not believe that they will leave the game this broken for another week.


They usually patch on the first tuesday of a month because that’s when new car packs are added. There is nothing suggesting that we will get a patch tomorrow. Since each patch has to go through certification, which itself can take up to a week, they will try to fix as much stuff as possible. A fast patch can lead to more problems, take your time and do a good patch instead.



And this:

Also, other threads active, discussing graphical and animation-related anomalies.

They usually arrive on Tuesdays; under normal circumstances, first Tuesday of every month, but there have been exceptions where they have released multiple patches in a month for previous games. Owing to FM7’s current issues, don’t be surprised to see weekly patches for the first couple of weeks.

Also, patches are never announced - only release notes made available once the patch goes live. I hope we do get one in a few hours.

Oh I know the feeling, believe me, I do. I’m finding it hard to find the motivation to continue single player or one of my absolute favorite things to do in Forza: pick a random car and track, start hotlapping, watch replays, take snaps etc.

Oh gosh, I hope it made the list.

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If there is a patch coming tomorrow there’s no way to include that request unless it’s already in there. They’ll be past the development period for the patch and will be testing to make sure it doesn’t destroy the game.


Misleading title!



If Turn 10 fixes anything tomorrow, I’d bet it would be the glitch that allows extra rewards. That could effect their bottom line.

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Oh yeah, you can bet that’s going to be on the list.

Hahah, I suppose so, yeah! :wink:

I also hope that we get a patch, for a lot of things, yeah sounds, animations (NO HANDBRAKE animations, some shifting ones also not working on some cars), AI.You name it !

While annoying, nothing on those lists would qualify as a reason to call the game ‘broken’.


I have a bad feeling about T10 fixing the car sounds. At least we’ll have multiplayer hoppers this week. Hopefully they’re the familiar ones we’re all asking for.

They’re being added this week?

Doubt you and your car sounds issues are the top of the list of the things to be fixed…don’t expect that this soon
It doesn’t affect the playability of the game…

If the sound is the only thing that bugs you, you’re doing well. I’ve yet to find any car that sounded off…if anything car sound better. Now the sound glitch between upshifts that happens randomly…yea that could be a problem I would see them fix sooner rather than later if feasible. Almost wrecked at least once because of that.

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While more updates than usual are expected during the launch period, do not take that to mean that there would be weekly updates.

Critical issues such as game crashes or save corruptions take priority #1 and updates for those can come at any time.

Anything non-critical will get rolled into monthly updates, to coincide with the monthly Car Pack releases.

There are some critical issues right now, and while those will get fixed as soon as possible that does not mean you should expect an update tomorrow.