Tucker 48 1948-1948

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Tucker 48 (aka Tucker Torpedo)

Isn’t this the same thing as the Tucker Torpedo?


One of the most beautiful cars ever made and very far ahead of its time! Only a dozen or so were made and most still exist! They used a helicopter engine to power it which made 166hp and 372 lb⋅ft (504 N⋅m) torque. The engine is mounted in the rear. Very unusual and unique car!


Forza better implement the swiveling “cyclops” headlight.



Wikipedia says: "The Tucker 48 is often referred to as the Tucker Torpedo. However, the Torpedo was actually a prototype, and the name was never used for the production model, which was officially called the “Tucker 48"”



The Tucker is easily one of the most sought after & unique cars of the 1940s. 6 exhausts, 3 headlights, thick pillars, nothing looks like the Tucker. Given this, & the car’s amazing history, it’s a no brainer it should be in a Forza game!

(p.s. why is there a Tucker Torpedo thread when that’s the exact same car as this?)