Trying to tune my Koenigsegg CCGT. Why is it going into the direction of a turn under braking?

I don’t use steering assist and I’m trying to adjust brake pressure. Under heavy braking it wants to make it’s way to the turn ahead.

not sure how to interpret it is “going into the direction of a turn under braking” - are you trying to say it understeers or oversteers? does it keep going straight (wide) or turn in too much? does it seem unreactive to the wheel or is the back end coming around? goin’ off the outside or the inside? is the car skidding front wheels or rear?

I think he’s saying that if he’s going into, for example, a right turn, if you don’t touch the steering and you hit the brakes, the car will still move right. With that car, it’s a combination of factors… One, the downforce balance is off. Whenever you hit a cambered section of track, just that slight variation of direction will cause the car to do that because of how touchy the car is from improperly balanced downforce. R3 Porsches are also notorious for that characteristic. There’s just too much on the front for how much it has on the rear if you put both settings to maximum value. Second, your brake bias is probably too far towards the rear. Set it back to 50% if it isn’t already and start working it more towards the front until it’s comfortable.

Thank you Bulin for your input. You to Leek.

Now I remember - I think this car is inflicted with brake-bias reverse-itis… try 57%

The information you have given me has been a big help. Thanks to both of you.