True Force for Logitech Wheels

It would be really awesome to have True Force support for the G923 and the new DD wheel from Logitech. I really love this feature in ACC. You can feel the engine revving through the wheel and the vibrations of running over a kerb is felt only on the respective side of the wheel etc. It adds so much to the immersion and feeling of the cars. If you want this feature too, vote in the top left corner!

*edit and please make all the buttons work, ACC is the only Game on Xbox right now that supports all the buttons on the G923 Xbox wheel.

I don’t own a wheel but the suggestion seems cool.

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I agree.

After many many hours watching and reading reviews on DD wheels, I have purchased the Logitech G Pro Wheel.

The Trueforce feature adds a whole other level of immersion that would make Forza pop even more.


Agreed. I was excited to finally launch the new Forza Motorsport 8 today with my G923, only to see no Trueforce support after Horizons 5 didn’t have it either.

As a AAA game producer that also plays a lot of simulators, compared to Horizons, this game in the franchise should be the capital S in sim and support all contemporary wheel features for maximum immersion.

The lack of such a decision tells me they either don’t find value in it or, due to some policy or technical reason, can’t. Still, the fact a simple search of “Trueforce” on this board and especially in support leads to no acknowledgment from Turn 10 whether it clearly and definitively supports it or not comes off as shady to obfuscate such an acknowledgment of such a sought-after feature that any Google search would show from the owners of these Trueforce wheels wants. It even comes off as deceptive to list it as a supported wheel but doesn’t support its main unique selling point feature – that’s not full support.

I didn’t want to be that guy I saw often after Horizon 5’s launch, but this is disappointing. That said, I’ll consider refunding it on Steam since it’s under 2hrs and stick with Assetto Corsa Competizione since it supports Trueforce and VR.


Logitech wheels with TF should not be listed as supported by the game, or listed as supported with an asterisk*

*explaining that TF Audio is not supported at launch, preferably with an estimated supported by expected date.


I’m definitely shocked there’s no true force implementation, I bought my DD Pro for that very feature

Hope it gets added sooner rather than later


We need trueforce!!!


I join the petition and add my complaint

Will Forza Motorsport support Logitech True force technology in the future?
Why isn’t it implemented in the game?
Do you plan to include true force in the game soon?
Many other simulators support it, assetto corsa competitions, rfactor 2, iracing, why doesn’t this one have it?
Many Logitech steering wheels such as the G923 and the Logitech pro include this technology, I understand that a simulator that considers itself as such should have it included.
They would appreciate it if you could confirm me with a yes or no on whether they are going to include it in the game. If it’s a yes, by when they’re going to have it ready. Date?

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Sounds great :+1:t3:

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Seeing logitech as an official sponsor, I hope this means we will see Trueforce functionality added in the near future.