Truck club

Hey guys I’m planning on starting a truck club starting on Tuesday. Only requirement is you have to use a truck. Will be holding cruise nights and off road racing. Feel free to message me on xbox one. GT: jdontherocks82 or express your interest here and I’ll message you

Guessing you mean cars like the Raptor and Hummer and so on? Trucks are usually referred to as non-consumer vehicles for cargo transport.

In North America, I’m pretty sure several vehicles in FH2 would be considered trucks, and they’re by no means limited to non-consumer cargo transport vehicles. Not sure where you live to get that notion.

I don’t consider a hummer a truck. Ford f100 Ford F-150 raptor and ram runner are trucks in my opinion. But I’m open to discussion on this.

I almost want to join this club, and then drive a Tesla Model S at every single cruise/meet up.

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Lol totally understand why you want to do that. I’ve actually driven that tesla and it’s an amazing car. Quick as heck too.

Im in. Ill drive the ram and the ford. And one more that isnt a truck. Hint hint first vehicle on all 7 continents.

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It sucks there is only 3-4 trucks in the game, I would love a truck DLC.

hopefully they give us more trucks eventually. but we have a few to start out with and i am actually excited to see the ram in the game. i own a 2012 ram 1500 4x4 quad cab and i hardly get to take it off road due to living in philadelphia. so this game will serve as my off road fix lol.

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Lol yea I cant wait to drive that thing, I would love to see a 2015 Silverado in the game.

Yeah that would be nice to see

Sounds like fun!
GT: iamrockinrich

Will be allowing SUVs into the club as well in an effort to make this an off road club.

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I’m in.

GT: WCLakers5

ok guys, club has been created. feel free to add me if you haven’t already or when you unlock the clubs in the game just search by club tag: B4X4 hope to see you soon

I’m in! GT: xRylinx

Wish it had my vehicle in real life like it did in Forza Horizon… FJ Cruiser

Still looking for people who are interested in an off road club with trucks and SUVs. Leave gamer tag or message me on xbox one gt: jdontherocks82

Im already in a club but I love wheeling and am totally down to go play in the dirt. Add me and let me know when you are out wheeling. Gamer tag is SCOOBYDOBARU

still looking for new members. will be online tonight around 11pm est. message me on xbox jdontherocks82