Troubleshooting: see Tech Support & Help forum

Turn 10 Community Liaison Team member Evan Bolin (gt: SOY) has opened the Technical Support & Help forum for FM7 - click up one level on the forum structure or the All Forums tab to find it.

Technical Support & Help forum
That forum is a great place to start if you need some help, and using it for troubleshooting will save the Discussion forum for regular discussion topics. Check out the [READ FIRST] Announcement before posting, because it contains a lot of helpful info:

  • Links to official Xbox and Windows support (XBL features, enforcement, billing/refunds, etc)
  • PC minimum and Ideal specs
  • Installation tips (Windows version, GPU drivers)
  • Supported controllers and wheels for PC
  • Why Was I Banned? info and contact email
  • Instructions on how to describe your issue in a new post
  • Known Issues

Keep in mind that not all issues are solvable - again, read the READ FIRST thread and Known Issues to see if the only option is to wait for a fix or to use a workaround. Turn 10 is not a 24/7 customer support site; issues are addressed as they come in, and it may take some time to investigate and respond. Your best chance of getting a solution to an issue is to calmly provide all details up front. In the words of Jerry Maguire: “Help me help you.”

You can also help yourself and others by posting in the correct forum:

  • Wondering where to find something or How To? Use the FAQ/Thread Index in the Discussion forum.
  • Want to see content or features added to the game? Use the Wish List threads in the Discussion forum.
  • Encountering an obvious error with the way the game is supposed to work? Use the Tech Support forum.

In all cases, please read through existing posts to see if a solution has already been posted, and use existing threads rather than creating new duplicate topics.

Common troubleshooting issues

Q: I own the car pack, where are my cars?
DLC cars are not automatically added to your garage; if you own the DLC, go to Buy Cars where the included cars will be listed for Free (one time per model) and collect them for your garage. Car Pass and Ultimate Edition owners should not try to download included car packs or select them from the Marketplace - go directly to Buy Cars after you have installed the related content update. (The exception is the Hyundai Veloster pack, which is not part of the Car Pass, which is available as a free download from the Marketplace.)

Official Forza Support account on Twitter created

Follow this account for updates about game issues, while @Forzamotorsport will continue providing general Forza info. Considering the character limit on Twitter, continue using the Tech Support forum for communicating detailed issues. Remember to follow the instructions in the READ FIRST post in that forum.

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