Triumph TR8 1978-1981

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Triumph TR8 1978-1981


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The Triumph TR8 is the V8 version of the visually identical Triumph TR7 (4cyl), both were available in either fixed head coupe (fhc = metal roof) or dhc (drop head coupe with foldable fabric roof) version. We already have the TR7 dhc in FH4 and it would be great to see it once again in FH5, ideally with the V8 option so it becomes a TR8 (it’s the same engine we know from FH4 already as stock in the Rover SD1 and first generation Range Rover, it’s also already an option there for the MGB and Land Rover Defender).
The dhc TR7 and TR8 would be nice in Forza Horizon:

The fhc fixed roof coupes were also entered in tarmac motorsport events by the famous Group 44 team looking like this which would make them very interesting for Forza Motorsport:
BritishV8 Forum: Group 44 TR8?

The coupe was also used in rallysport for a long time, making this closed version very interesting for both games:


If they reintroduce the TR7 convertible, perhaps they could do TR8 as a coupe, and preferably in right hand drive. It might seem petty, but it grates that so many old British cars appear in U.S. left hand drive form.

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1981 Triumph TR8