Trigger lock and Deadzones


Forza Noob old man, wants to use non ABS, but keeps locking up and too heavy handed to adjust.

Could I use trigger lock on Power A Fusion Pro and deadzone on brake to stop over breaking, lock it about 75% make it less sensitve?

Or should I just use a screw in my cheap Power A basic controller.

Does this work?

Please dont tell me about muscle memory and practice, I am a 50 year old Forza new NOOB!

Hi there, i am not familiar with your controllers, but i know some people use the locks on their Elite controllers in the way you are describing, so it should work. Not sure if 75% is the right amount tho, i would go a bit lower.

There are many players your age and older on this forum, the oldest i know of is well beyond 80, so there is still hope in learning it to do without aids.

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Use the trigger lock as an aid in learning. Once you learn, take it off. You will already have some muscle memory developed believe it or not. It never braked enough with the lock. I am also about your age and l learned like 3-4 yrs ago. Just like in a real car, you don’t jam the brake pedal all the way down to stop. Just squeeze the trigger slowly.

So I put a screw in an old controller to make a trigger lock and it works really well, I think my breaking distance is shorter than using ABS, it seems to help me brake between 65% and 75%, but strangely my lap times do not seem that much quicker, they feel quicker but do not seem to be that much quicker in reality on rival mode, unless I am driving a very fast car.
But seems better, really I think I should buy a wheel and drive properly though!

I don’t claim to be fast in this game but the some of the fastest guys in this game do not recommend using the trigger lock because you need the full range of RT & LT triggers unlike FPS Games. Your inner Dead Zones should be at zero and outer ones at one hundred. Let your controller’s vibration be your guide while braking. When your controller’s vibration becomes really strong, then you are about to lock up, so that means no more pulling of the trigger. Using the trigger lock is also considered cheating by some because YOU should be controlling the braking and NOT the system. In Forza the trigger lock feature has been completely eliminated for the Elite Series 2 controller, for this purpose.