Trial - player is kicked out of the trial back to free roam after 1st race

For the last 2 seasons have been kicked out of the trial, open and tour after 1st race. Cannot complete playlist because of this. On xbox x.

Series 19 Spring The Trial that went live today 20/04/23

this weeks trial is broken, with the Merc E63. We won race 1 and rather than load up race 2, it went back to freeroam. No buttons pressed and a stable network connection. It did this twice.

Bummer. No problems here. My team won first time around.

Yep no issues here, I hung back came last every race and we still Won!, safest way to not get hammered!

Bet those other teammates were wondering why a star 7 was coming last… it’s cause someone might be recording and then say “They Rammed me, Ban them” :expressionless:

Same with me but has been happening last 2 seasons for me. It kicks me out of the trial, open and tour after the first race.

Sounds like a ‘you’ problem.

It’s never done it before

By last, do you mean last human (6th), or last overall (12th)?

same here, finished race 1 and then…nothing…

actually same thing for horizon tour and open racing. just can’t proceed to the next race…

Having the same issue. Also having the same issue when joining Tour. After one race get put back to freeroam.

Last last :wink:, just to play it extra safe cause the AI could have rammed me into another player then that player could be recording and get a ban slapped on me, we all win if we lose so it’s a nothing anyway!

Best to play it safe now the new CoC is in place

But you only win the Trial (and thus the prize car and points) if the team wins two races. Same with co-op championships. It’s only Playground Game events that reward participation.

Surely you can try to beat some AI whilst avoiding teammates? Worrying about them reporting you for bad racing conduct, whilst making them overcome the 600 points you gift to the AI team doesn’t balance in my opinion. Better to avoid public lobbies; race with like-minded and/or skilled friends instead of random strangers.

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Yes, this is a big problem for us who miss big points in Festival Playlist. For example this seasons Winter we loose 15 p.

Same for me again this season, never a prob until the last two.

i have this problem but seems to rectify itself when i restart my game.

Happened to me twice in a row today for the new weekly.

I did have it on quick resume.

Quit and restarted game and while it took longer then expected for the trial to load it worked for both races

it didnt work when i have it on quick resume but with a restart it seems to work

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Happened to me twice today

This has happened to me twice last night and twice today. Added to having to quit because of being taken out twice by AI and once by a bad team mate is making a trial of my patience.

Urban cc.

Ugh. Lovely mini countryman tho!

@T10ManteoMax if there is an issue using quick resume when the season changes it should be communicated.

Kicked from trial after race 1 again.

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